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United Women In Faith

President: Louise Dickson

We’re a sisterhood acting in faith to tackle the hard work of the world without hesitation Driven by God’s love and united in sisterhood, we work to improve the lives of women, children and youth. Every day, we show up. We take action. We get it done. And we invite you to join us. Visit www.uwfaith.org for more information about UWF!

Wheeler United Women in Faith Officers

President: Louise Dickson                                      423-534-8874         LouiseBaileyDickson@gmail.com

Vice-President: Lisa Fish                                        423-360-0968         LisaFish5@hotmail.com

Treasurer: Sue Greenwell                                       423-573-2131          agreenwell@btes.tv

Secretary: Brenda Ashton                                        423-341-1254          bjmashton@gmail.com

Communications: Francine Dickson                       423-342-6752          francinedickson@hotmail.com

Membership, Nurture, Outreach: Brigitte Massey   423-323-4818

Meals & Refreshments: Peggy White                      423-360-1033         peggywhite@btes.tv