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Amplify Media

Amplify Media is a multimedia streaming platform that is free for all Wheeler UMC members. Think of it as “Netflix for Churches,” only instead of you getting your own subscription, the church has one for you! Watch any video on it at any time through your tablet, mobile device, computer, and some smart TVs (Roku-enabled).

Amplify Media features thousands of videos and audiobooks for daily devotional and reflection, Bible studies, worship, and inspiration. 

There’s content for adults, teens, and children, plus playlists with content tied to worship series and sermons.

May Amplify Media be a constant and powerful way for you to put your faith development into your own hands and explore videos at your own pace.


How do I create my Amplify Media account?

Wheeler UMC members, create your Amplify account and access thousands of videos, follow these simple steps:

1. Click here. 
2. Enter our church’s unique access code: NJTWSV
3. Create your own user profile with your name, email, and your own private password. You will not be charged a fee. Wheeler UMC already has the paid subscription that is for all members. Be sure to keep your email and password in a safe place so you can remember how to log in next time.